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Computers continue to form an important part of life where they are integrated in homes and are an indispensable part of the business world. It is impossible to carry out most automated services without the use of a computer. Manufacturers keep on increasing the varieties and the quantity they avail to the market all in a bid to satisfy the every rising demands from customers. Computers may stop working. A situation either because they are handled poorly or when they are under threat of virus attacks, a situation which leaves the owners reeling from lose as the computers play such an important role. This is when the roles of IT specialists come into play to do repairs.

The skill or discerning the problem with computers and later repairing them is done by IT Specialists and is referred to as IT support. The service is mainly offered by a person with a lot of expertise in the hardware and software components of computers and related peripheral devices. The technical nature of the job of a person offering IT support necessities them to be in a position to make minor changes to computers when called upon and also the ability to help access certain pages which people cannot access. They also have the knowledge to obtain information from computers that that crushes and won’t work especially where the nature of the information is needed urgently. They can also be consulted about the methods that one can use to make sure that the computers remain operational for a long period of time.

Persons with computer expertise can be employed formally to provide their services as many companies have a lot of computers that require frequent maintenance. They can also decide to provide these services as their major trade where they have premises where customers find them when in need of their services. Others may decide to use another approach altogether such that they are do not have a fixed premise which allows them to mobile to reach out to the customers. The ones who decide not to have premise in which to carry out business, have to device another method in which they can connect to their clients even if it means opening a website of having an online presence.

The mobile way of carrying out business, however, is gaining popularity, as people want to get as many of their needs met while in the comfort of their houses. Before a service provider can proceed to offer the support, they need to agree on certain factors like the cost and time they require the service. The model of the computer, the cost of parts used in repair and time consumed to offer the service are all factors that determine the price to be charged.

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